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Puppies of Merlin and Honey. B3-litter

8.03.2014 Puppies of Merlin and Honey. Males have their homes: Fox lives with Alexey and Lena Dudkins in Cheboksary.

Bantik is Nicolas Cage now, shortly - Niki, and domesticates Adygea with Sergey Trepet and Tatiana Eskina.

Lizza - Laitkiper's Blizzard, Still available, grey & white, differ-eyed lady.

If you interested in Lizza, please, connect us!

26.01.2014 New photos of Merlin and Honey. Thanks to Lees Shepeleva.

Laitkiper's Born To Run



Laitkiper's Black Bandit



Laitkiper's Blizzard



20.10.2013 Puppies of Merlin and Honey were born. 2 males and 1 female.All of them have different colors. If you have reserved a puppy from this litter, please, connect us!

Black male, pinto male and grey-white female.

06.02.2013 We plan to bred Merlin and Honey. At summer we plan to receive beautiful well-built mid-oriented sport siberian huskies. First choice in not prepayed yet.

Merlin - Laitkiper's Merlin Promising The Win

Merlin is siberian husky, was born in our kennel from Jenya and Yuko. Became leader during his first season. Leader, mono-leader. Leads 2, 4 and 6-dogs teams, was leader Mikhail Gudakov's team ( 2 pure-bred place in Russian Championship VAES 2007, 3 place in European Championship WSA 2007 in juniors, 3 place in RKF Russian Championship 2008 (D-class), 2 place in RKF Russian hampionship 2008 (C-class), 2 place in the WSA World Championship 2008 in juniors), Alexander Alexandrov's team (bronze at WSA World Championship 2010, silver prizer of Tatarstan and Russia 2010) and Rinat Gayfutdnov(bronze at Russian Championship 2012, silver at Samara 2012, bronxe at Samara 2013.)


Honey - Moon Runs Snow Drift

Honey was born in MoonRun's kennel in Sweden. For few years we dreamed about Kamots and it's luck - Honey came to us! For long time her ears didn't stay, that was very surprisingly for us. Honey grow up at high, anatomical, very obedient aggressiveness and clever female. Sport tested, half of season starts in team of Alena, was changed because of low speed. Started in Alena Lavrova's team 2009-2010 which won purebred North hope 2010. In 2010-2011 season starts in team of Alexey Dudkin with silver at Altyn Chana 2011, 5'th place at Russian Championship 2011, bronze at purebred in Winter tale 2011 and 10'th place at Zemleprokhodtsy 2011. In 2012-2013 season also starts in team of Alexey Dudkin with bronze at Russian Championship 2013 and 5'th at Sylhye Dukhom 2013. Co-leader, team.


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