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Puppies of Candy and Kory. А3 litter.

 11.01.2014  Argal now will be called Momo and will live in USA with his new owners - Cory and Kris. All puppies from this litter are in their new homes now.

25.09.2013 Puppies of Candy and Cory. We are 3 month's old! We have all vaccinations received tattoos and adult names. We are ready for our new homes! This puppies are looking for show homes only.

Laitkiper's Alersia O'Neriis



Laitkiper's Argal



19.06.2013 Puppies of Candy и Kory were born! Available are black and white female and male. Only for SHOW home!

Laitkiper's Alersia O'Neriis



 Laitkiper's Argal



 Kory - Sheytan's Beauty Cocorico


Kory was born in Canada in outstanding kennel Sheytan"s Beauty. Temporery live in Russia to receive Inter champion title. Now Kory has: CACIBx3, Champion of Canada, RKF x3, Russia, Cyprus. Eyes clear.


Candy - Kakastavi Candy For Laitkiper

Candy - Our sweet-girl. Candy came to us from Kakastavi kennel. She is handsome, easy, obedient and very beautiful, perfectly works in harness, thank you, Susan, for her! Rather high, with permanent smile on her face, always in Oна потрясающая - уравновешенная, послушная и ОЧЕНЬ красивая, замечательно работает в упряжке, большое спасибо Сьюзан за такое доверие! Высокая, на верхнем уровне стандарта, с прекрасной улыбкой на лице, attracts the attention of others. Has titles: : Russian Junior Champion, RKF Champion, JСС, JСАСх4, BJх2, Junior Winner в Польше, CAC UKR, CACIB, CACx2, BOB . Eyes clear.

Pedigree of puppies:


Sheytan's Beauty Cocorico


Ulmane's Goes To Sheytan's Beauty 

Dream Max Trond av Isfolket


Karnovanda's Beatrissa

Sheytan's Beauty Una Regular-Power of Cool Water
Tundra-Boreal Del Gran Lupus


Kakastavi Candy For Laitkiper

Toviks Low And Order 

Tovik's Low And Order
Kristari's Rudolph Valentino

Tovik's Trace Evidence

Toviks Mersenne 

Tovik's Mersenne

Noatak's Party Of One

Tovik's Thirty Six Red 


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